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About Hotel

Hotel Heliconia

Hotel Heliconia is located in Monteverde in the province of Puntarenas, a privileged location, that places it near three of the most beautiful tropical cloud forest in Costa Rica—the well known Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve, the Santa Elena Reserve and Selvatura Park. 

The hotel offers the perfect setting for those who love bird-watching, nature photography while spending time in the serenity of a mountain retreat. The hotel has been designed to offer home-style comfort in the warmth of a wooden construction, assuring the guest an unforgettable experience. Starting in 1987, when the number of researchers and tourists began to rise significantly due to the natural wonders that could be witnessed in the area, it became clear that the Monteverde region required better lodging and restaurant services to meet the increased demand. Stepping in to fill this need, Hotel Heliconia opened its doors with only five guest rooms, plus and additional room for the owners of the Hotel —doña Roxana and her family— thus launching the hotel as a touristic pioneer in Monteverde. 

Restaurantes en Monteverde - Hotel HeliconiaThe long time efforts have paid off. Today, Hotel Heliconia offers its visitors an enchanting space, surrounded by vibrant gardens with lush tropical plants, and 55 comfortable, well-equipped rooms. In short, Hotel Heliconia is an ideal environment for enjoying and creating unforgettable experiences. Guests of the hotel have the opportunity to breathe fresh mountain air, while observing the cloud forest and, of course, relaxing and savoring the peace and quiet of the hotel. Of course, the hotel  also offers an impressive list of activities that can be done close to the hotel. These include: hanging-bridge and canopy zip-line tours, night tours inside the forest, natural history walks, horseback riding tours and visits to Monteverde's coffee, milk and cheese production areas. Additionally there are other attractions in the area which include a butterfly garden, a reptile and amphibian exhibition, a hummingbird garden and an orchid garden (which boasts some of the most beautiful endemic species in the world)